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HR and Legal Support for Businesses

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Han Law Co, a leading legal and HR consultancy, to provide businesses and individuals with crucial support for managing the legal aspects of menopause.

Why This Partnership Matters

Menospace teaming up with Han Law is a game-changer for organisations. Together, we want to improve the working lives of women, at the peri and menopause stage of their lives. We bring the perfect mix of expertise to help create inclusive and legally compliant workplaces. Combining our training with their solid legal advice, this partnership will ensure workplaces are menopause supportive, inclusive, and up-to-date with employment regulations.

About Han Law

Han Law prides itself on providing proactive, responsive, and human employment law and people support. Established in 2019 Han Law Co is an employment law consultancy comprising a mix of legal and HR professionals with over 200 years of combined experience. Working with both businesses and individuals, Han Law provides practical and cost-effective advice with transparency and integrity. 

Services We Offer

Employment Tribunals

Employment tribunals don’t have to be costly, complicated or stressful. With the right lawyer on your side you can go about your business confident that everything is under control.

Settlement Agreements

Sometimes a Settlement Agreement exit is the best route for both employer and employee. Use us to negotiate terms and draft settlement agreements that put your interests first.

Employment Law Advice

Some clients love the flexibility and freedom to use us when they need us, with no tie-in period, and that’s good with us. Therefore you'll only pay for the service you receive.


Our experienced trainers can provide an array of HR training solutions to suit your business, whether it's a one-off course or ongoing support.


Let us act as a neutral party to resolve any conflicts within your business.  Our confidential, personal mediation will help settle disputes effectively.

Equality, Inclusion & Diversity

Equality, inclusion, and diversity training is vital for any modern business. Our expert team will fully support and guide you through this process.

If your business is committed to supporting employees through menopause and ensuring legal compliance, or if you are an individual seeking advice and representation, contact us today.

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