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Become A Menopause Champion

Menopausal women
are the biggest demographic
in the workforce
Over 900,000 women have
left work because
lack of support 
The average cost of replacing
an employee is £30,614
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Certified Menopause Champion Training

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All women will go through menopause and organisations have a legal obligation to provide the necessary support and resources to help them during this time.


A recent survey conducted by Korn Ferry and Vira Health survey (2023) found that 13% of women have quit their jobs due to their perimenopause/menopause symptoms and tribunals citing menopause are increasing year on year. We should be looking at ways we can break the taboo and make menopause mainstream in the workplace.

Menopause Champions play a crucial role in breaking down the stigma around menopause and promoting open and honest conversations. They help raise awareness, provide education and resources, and offer practical solutions to support employees going through menopause. If you want to create an inclusive and supportive workplace culture, you need to appoint some Menopause Champions.


What's Included

How To Set Up A Support Group

How To Carry Out Risk Assessments

How To Write a Menopause Policy 

Discover the Signs and Symptoms

Treatment Options

Diversity in Menopause

Increased Awareness

Reduced Absenteeism 

Higher Retention

Legal Compliance

Organisational Benefits

Lynsey Watson

Learning Curve Group

"An excellent insightful course, Haley has superb knowledge and facilitated the session very well, a good level of interaction allowing networking between people around the country and also in a different country!


Highly recommend this session to others!"

Client Feedback

Emma Doyle

 Dorset NHS Trust

 "I learnt so much from this course, Haley has given me the confidence to talk openly about the Menopause and help others. I feel so much more equipped to support our staff through this time in their lives. 


It's also a good opportunity to network and interact with other likeminded individuals, working towards a shared goal of removing the stigma of talking about the Menopause.   

A really empowering and engaging course that every workplace should complete, it’s essential for staff wellbeing".

Melanie Rees
Keychange Charity



”I now feel better equipped to support those in my workplace affected by the perimenopause.


I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to be a Menopause Champion or for more understanding.”

Course Dates 2024

Wednesday 12th June 2024

Thursday 11th July 2024

Tuesday 13th August 2024

Wednesday 11th September 2024


Time: 10.00am - 3.00pm

Cost: £295 

Where: Zoom

menopause champion

Click 'Book Now' below to pay online, or email if you prefer to pay by invoice, or wish to run a course inhouse.


* Dates and times may be subject to change

** Times are UK

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