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How Menopause Champions Can Drive Diversity & Inclusion

Becoming a menopause supportive and inclusive employer involves more than a one off ‘lunch & learn’ or having a policy in place. It’s about creating safe spaces for open discussions, making necessary adjustments, being aware of the role diversity and inclusion play, carrying out menopause specific risk assessments and providing resources that support employees experiencing menopause. 

This is where Menopause Champions come in.


Breaking The Silence


One of the most significant barriers to diversity and inclusion regarding menopause is the silence surrounding the topic. Many individuals experiencing menopause may feel reluctant to discuss their symptoms with a line manager due to stigma or embarrassment. Menopause Champions work to break this silence by creating safe spaces for open dialogue. They encourage conversations about menopause-related challenges which helps to normalise the experience.  


Diversity in Menopause

A very important part of a champions’ role is to highlight that a person may have a different experience while going through menopause than others depending on characteristics such as disability, neurodiversity, race and whether they are a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone has more than one identity, so when considering the needs of someone experiencing menopause, we should take an intersectional approach, considering all their characteristics.

An Individualised Approach

At its core, the work of Menopause Champions should be about creating inclusivity. For example, some trans, non- binary and intersex workers may not wish to disclose their menopausal symptoms as this may mean disclosing their trans or intersex status. It can therefore be particularly difficult for these employees to access support and/or ask for adjustments.

Everybody’s needs will be different and so it’s important to have trained employees in place who can listen to people on an individual level and allow them to take the lead on their required adjustments.

By acknowledging and accommodating the needs of individuals experiencing menopause, organisations create environments where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to bring their whole selves to work.


Driving Change

Menopause Champions understand that meaningful change requires more than just conversation – it requires action. Champions advocate for changes that accommodate the needs of employees experiencing menopause; that could be implementing flexible work arrangements, providing access to resources, carrying out menopause related risk assessments, giving guidance to line managers, or setting up support networks.

By providing a safe space for sharing experiences and seeking advice, Menopause Champions help to reduce the isolation and confusion that often accompanies menopause.


Qualities of a Menopause Champion

Anyone can become Menopause Champion, however, there a few qualities that a good Champion will possess:

Communication Skills: They can communicate information about menopause clearly, sensitively, and effectively to a diverse audience within the organisation.

Good Listeners: They actively listen to the experiences and needs of individuals going through menopause, without judgment or bias. They provide a supportive space for individuals to share their concerns and feelings.

Empathy & Compassion: They can recognise and validate the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges that individuals may be facing.

Advocacy: Able to speak up on behalf of menopausal employees, raise awareness about menopause-related issues, and promote policies and practices that support their well-being.

Commitment to Inclusion: They recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion and work towards creating a culture where everyone feels valued and supported.



Does this sound like you?


Join us on our next certified Menopause Champion training course or get in touch to book a bespoke session for your organisation.

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